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Our Honduras tours includes the fantastic ruins of Copan, the natural reserve of Pico Bonito with its beautiful rivers, waterfalls and amazing tropical rainforest that inhabit more than 700 tropical birds species and the bay island with magnificent white sand beaches surrounded by the Mesoamerican barrier reef that offers several water sports such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and the amazing opportunity to swim with dolphins.

Our tours in Copan area include visit to the archaeological site,  macaw mountain nature reserve that is home of several species of tropical birds of Honduras and a natural botanic garden of native flora, and  Finca el Cisne that offer travelers the opportunity to experience authentic country life in Honduras.

Adventure and nature tours in Honduras are developed in la Ceiba where are located important natural reserves such as Pico Bonito National Park that offers many hiking trails, tree-top canopying, white water rafting and kayaking on the Cangrejal River and nature tours in the Wildlife refuge Cuero y Salado that protect a great variety species of flora and fauna such as white face monkeys, manatees, crocodiles and many species of birds that inhabit this protected area.

Honduras Travel Ideas

These are example of Honduras tours and travel itineraries that you can customize, we can fit these tours according your budget, hotel type, dates of travel or add another destination not included on these examples, feel free to contact us and our Honduras travel specialist will help you design a tailor-made vacation package.

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Honduras Main Facts

Official Name: Republic of Honduras

Length: 663 kms

Population: 6.25 millons

Political Divisions: 17 departments

Capital: Tegucigalpa

Currency: Lempira

Taxes: 12% VAT on goods and services

Area code: +504

Tip: 10% in restaurants, usually included in the bill

Internet Identification: .hn

Time Zone: -6 GMT

Languages: Spanish is the main language, but English is often spoken in the north, in the Bay Islands, by West Indian settlers on the Caribbean coast, and in business communities.

Climate: Subtropical in lowlands, temperate in mountains

Electricity: 110 volts A.C.

Clothing: Light clothing and jackets
Form of Payment: Credit card accepted in most formal businesses. Travel checks changed with purchase slip. Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks and hotels.

Country admission requirements: Central American citizens can enter Honduras with their internal document or valid passport. European and U.S. nationals do not need visas. Other nationalities should see the web address. www.migracion.gob.gt . All the ordinary procedures of immigration and customs at the Guatemalan border are free of charge. In special cases, in which a charge is applied, the respective authorities must issue a receipt.  
Departure Tax: The departure tax in Honduras is US$. 32.00

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